Cold water immersion is the use of a specially designed bath to aid the application of cold water to reduce the skin temperature and bring about unprecedented benefits to recovery & wellbeing.

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✔ Speeds up recovery time

✔ Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness

✔ Promotes blood flow and circulation

✔ Decreases inflammation

✔ Boosts immune system

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How does it keep the water cold?

The Hydrofic is integrated with thermal insulated TPE layers, and a Thermo Lid to lengthen the time at a given temperature.

We recommend deploying your Hydrofic outside, under shade, to maximise the passive overnight cooling effect and then adding ice or ice blocks as needed.

How long should each ice bath session be?

To get the health benefits, you'll need to stay in cold water below 15°C or 60 Fahrenheit for three to eight minutes. Cold water therapy works best with the right combination of time and temperature. Each individual is different and some people can tolerate lower temperatures.

Does it include cover?

Yes. it does!

The standard Hydrofic includes a waterproof raincover to keep the water clean.

We also offer an insulated lid that will keep the water cold for longer.

What temperature do you recommend?

We recommend starting out at around 59° Fahrenheit (15°C) if it's your first time, and then slowly lowering the temperature and duration for each session. That way your body will get aclimated to the cold.

How do i keep the water clean?

Always keep the lid on when not in use, to help prevent any debris falling in!

We recommend changing the water once per week without any additives.

When you drain the water from your Hydrofic, to extend the life of your next fill, we recommend washing the inside surfaces with warm soapy water.

Can the Hydrofic be set up outside?

Yes! We engineered the Hydrofic to be weather and UV resistant, so you can set it up Inside or outside, even in temperatures below freezing. The insulation layer makes the water turn to ice a lot slower, but we still recommend to stir the water at least once a day to keep the water from freezing completely solid.

How do i drain the Hydrofic?

It comes with a tap at the bottom for draining. To drain it, connect a standard garden hose or simply open the tap depending on where the pod is set up.